Shining Through The Darkness

Every once in a while, a positive story related to the pandemic  shines through. Habitat homeowner Misty has one of them.

Misty tested positive for the coronavirus in early Spring. As a single mom with a full-time job and higher ed coursework, this presented a challenge in every aspect of her life. She juggled worries related to continuing her job’s managerial responsibilities, passing her classes, being there for her daughter as school went online and, of course, keeping up with her bills. But, she said, “I fight through my days, even when I’m not feeling great.”

Misty took advantage of Habitat’s Home Resiliency Fund, a COVID-19-related grace fund that advances taxes and insurance to keep homeowners impacted by the virus in their homes. Additionally, the fund offers rental assistance to families currently working towards their future Habitat home.

While sick, Misty also received a hand up through weekly food deliveries, delivered to her by Habitat staff members assisting local programs to distribute food. “That’s a benefit when you have kids at home. That one gallon of milk did wonders.” Ever community-minded, she shared her packages with neighbors.

While she’s still catching up with bills, things are closer to normal now. Even great, in some ways. On the heels of her recovery, Misty received a huge promotion at work that takes her across the country to supervise new restaurant openings for her employer.

Not only did she earn a well-deserved promotion at work, but she even managed to continue taking (and passing!) her first semester of classes at HACC, where she’s working towards her associates degree in business… the first step, she explains, to getting her bachelor’s degree.

Misty, you are an inspiration and, yes, you are indeed a fighter! Congratulations on all that you have accomplished and the many achievements that are yet to come.