DIY: Pallet Wood Tray

Here’s a simple build project from local DIYer Sandra Krasnai of sandraCycled that might keep hands and mind busy during our time at home. And, it’s darn good looking!

1 piece of tile
Wood for trim (long enough to surround the piece of tile)
Piece of plywood for the base (preferably 1/2” or thicker)
2 handles
Screws for handles
1” finishing nails
Wood glue
Sand paper (100-220 grit will work)
Paint or stain (optional)
Clear caulk (optional to seal edge of tile to wood)

Drill and drill bits (depending on type of handles)
Screw driver (for handles)


  1. Measure the tile and cut plywood 1/16″ larger in both directions. Ex., if your tile measures 6×12, cut 6 1/16″ x 12 1/16″. This ensure that your tile will fit into the tray once the tray is built.
  2. Cut your 4 sides using your piece of wood. The shorter sides will be the same measurement as the shorter side of the plywood. The longer sides will be the longer measurement plus the thickness of the wood x2. Ex., if the wood you are using for the frame is 3/4” thick, add: plywood length + 1 1/2”
  3. Do a dry-fit. Set your tile on top of the plywood. Place the 4 pieces of wood around the plywood, making sure everything lines up. 
  4. Remove the piece of tile and set aside. Glue and nail the box together. You should not be able to see the plywood from the outside of the box. 
  5. Lightly sand the box. 
  6. If you would like to paint or stain the wood, do it now and let it dry.
  7. Find the center of the shorter sides, and attach the handles. This is where you may need the drill. 
  8. Add the tile. If you are using caulk, you could make an X in the bottom of the box to secure the tile to the wood. Once in place, add a small bead of caulk between the tile and the wood. Smooth the caulk with a damp finger. 
  9. Add felt feet if you would like. 
  10. Enjoy!
Sandra Krasnai is a local DIYer and ReStore shopper. You can find her projects on Instagram and Facebook at @sandraCycled. You can purchase her creations at Always Never Done, located in Landisville.

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