Denny Makes A Match

Future Habitat homebuyer Denny has officially selected our Strawberry Street Build as the place he and his two young daughters will one day soon call home.

Denny selected his home last week, after earning 100 hours of sweat equity as part of our first-time homebuyers program. Families working towards a Habitat home must contribute 250 or 400 hours of sweat equity, pursuant to being single or double head of household. And, respectively, 100 or 200 hours of this requirement must be satisfied before they can be matched with a home.

Denny and his daughters are currently challenged with an an overcrowded living situation. They live with 7 other family members in an apartment with one and a half bathrooms. He shares a room with his children, but often finds it easiest to sleep on the couch.

Through the Habitat experience, Denny believes “the girls will learn to do things for themselves. You can make your own home with your own two hands,” he said.

The Strawberry Street Build is a home renovation project in Lancaster launched in partnership with Thrivent as a Faith Build, a home building program that calls upon the support of local congregations. To learn more about joining this partnership, contact Bill Dewan at 717-575-3326 ext. 204.