50 Homes Now

Tool belts on. Hammers in hand. We are launching our most ambitious effort for the preservation of homeownership in the history of our organization!

50 Homes Now is Lancaster Lebanon Habitat’s appeal to provide affordable homeownership opportunities to 50 families by the end of 2019.

For over 30 years, Habitat has partnered with first-time homebuyers. By empowering families with the skills and knowledge they need for success, families purchase a home from Habitat with an affordable monthly mortgage that meets their budget. But, while we have helped hundreds of individuals with the purchase of their first home, there are many others who are facing different kinds of challenges as they look to secure and maintain a decent place to live.

So we’re doing more.

By expanding our services to include renovation, repair and neighborhood revitalization programs, we now have the capacity to help more local families’ needs as they work to maintain an affordable, safe, stable place to call home. You will find us renovating existing homes on Lancaster’s South Christian Street. Putting out the welcome mat for a first-time homebuyers on Lebanon’s Cumberland Street. Leading community-wide cleanup and repair events that help residents realize a vision for what their neighborhood could be.

There are so many ways we can make a difference in lives of people across Lancaster and Lebanon Counties!

Please take a moment to read through our 50 Homes Now plan. It will tell you how we are unfolding our endeavor, what drives us and how YOU can support this very important effort.