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Home Organization: Five Part Series

In our final article of our five part series on home organization, written by Mara Clements of MoreSPACE, we learn about where we can donate our unwanted items and give them a second life.

This is where you can get creative. All those things you weren’t using that were just sitting there, collecting dust, can now go to people (or pets!) that could use them right away!

Bedding: Humane League

All that bedding you own that is completely out of style or never gets used, consider donating to the Humane League! They have tons of furry friends who will be more than happy to utilize your comfy cushions and comforters. 

Clothing: Council of Churches

The reason I love donating gently used clothing to the Council of Churches is because they give your donations away for FREE! You can’t beat that.

Craft Supplies: Lancaster Creative Reuse

This is where I take my youngest son (the engineer) on dates. They have rooms filled to the brim with everything from buttons and pie pans to glitter and glue! They will take almost anything that can be crafted.

Books: Book ReSort

Have a book series or Encyclopedia set you want to pass on? Check out the Book ReSort Facebook page for their drop-off hours and get a receipt for a tax deduction!

Household Goods: Community Aid 

Community Aid is my first stop for household goods because they are a nonprofit company and are easy to find. Other options include Salvation Army, Purple Heart, and Goodwill.

Building Materials: Habitat for Humanity Restore (obvi!)

This is my first stop if I’ve helped a client clean out their garage or basement. They take everything from paint and furniture to tools and appliances!

If you’re curious about what to recycle and where, you can visit https://www.epa.gov/recycle and get all the details.

I hope this series has been helpful and I am always open to connecting with you! Feel free to reach out on social @morespace_organizing or via the web at www.morespaceorganizing.com. I’d love to hear from you!

Photos: Shelah Riley Photography

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