We Did It!

Thanks to the tremendous support we received from Habitat friends during this year’s Extraordinary Give on November 22nd, we hit our goal! It was an ambitious one, for sure… $70,000. But with so much local need for affordable homeownership, we decided to dream and act big! We could not have been so successful without the generosity of Habitat supporters.

As many of you know, the Extra Give website experienced some glitches into the evening, making it difficult for would-be donors to make a gift to their favorite organizations. In response to this, the Lancaster County Community Foundation is keeping the giving site open until Tuesday, November 22nd at 11:59PM. You can still make a gift to Habitat by logging on to our giving page.

By the end of Friday, it was clear that the Extra Give was extra big. The total amount raised for the 500+ participating local nonprofits was $10.5 million. The collective generosity and good spirit from our community is staggering.

Many thanks again to everyone who supported not just Habitat, but any of the wonderful and worthy organizations throughout Lancaster County!


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