Love In Action

A special delivery during a time such as this–when stay-at-home has become urgent and money has become scarcer–is indeed special… even more so when that delivery is food.

Since late March, Habitat’s Volunteer Manager Jacquie Morges and her housemates have been personally purchasing and delivering food to neighbors and future Habitat homebuyers who find that they are not capable of securing these essentials on their own. The team, who refer to themselves as Poplar Place Community, after their home street in Lancaster’s SoWe neighborhood, makes their deliveries twice a week. To date, they have connected with 12 households, with five more new households this past weekend.

“Asking people what they want is kind, but it can be overwhelming,” Jacquie said. “I’ve learned to do and offer rather than ask and wait.” She explained that if you offer what you have–ability to run an errand, help pay a bill, pick up food–people begin to open up and consider how others can lend a hand.

In addition to delivering supplies to food-insecure neighbors and future Habitat homebuyers, Jacquie and her housemates are planting organic gardens for anyone interested in growing their own vegetables.

“They are excited to watch something grow, and have something purposeful and beautiful in their garden,” Jacquie said. She and her housemates have their own garden, and have set up a farm stand in front of their home with a sign that all are welcome to take what they need. She views their garden-building activities as an extension of something that they were already doing

The Poplar Place team has created about 8 gardens so far, with more in the pipeline. The process takes about 2 hours when they are all working together. What they would love to see is people sharing their harvest with neighbors and friends.

Jacquie and her housemates hope their acts of kindness will inspire others to reach out to those in need within our community. If you have found a way that you can make a positive impact on the lives of others–or you have been given a hand up by a caring person–please share your story with us. Stories of hope and help are the balm we all need during times of crisis. Send to