In an effort to help address the urgent need for affordable homeownership opportunities across Lancaster and Lebanon Counties, we will no longer offer home repairs. Instead, we will focus exclusively on our first-time homebuyer program. If you are seeking repair services, please refer to the list of resources below.


City of Lancaster, Critical Repair Program
Lancaster only; 717-291-4730 or visit website
PHFA, Loan Program for Repairs
PA residents; 855-827-3466 or visit website
Community Action Agency of Delaware Cty.
PA residents; 610-521-8770 or visit website
Lancaster Cty Housing and Redevelopment Authorities
Lancaster Cty, not City; 717-394-0793 or visit website
LHOP: Columbia Repairs
Borough residents; 717-291-9945 or visit website
LHOP: SoWe residents repair program
Contact Jake Thorsen at 717-291-9945