abnet-first-day-s-christianWe are currently renovating homes on South Christian Street in Lancaster. The homes were previously owned by Milagro House and used as transitional housing. Our work presents the opportunity to turn these historic homes into something permanent for first-time homebuyers.

The availability of homeownership options on this block in Southeast Lancaster will continue the neighborhood revitalization process that Milagro House started when it opened its doors on South Christian Street in 1998. Other partners involved with this project are SACA, LHOP, Tabor Community Service and The Mix at Arbor Place.

In January 2017 we celebrated the completion of the first renovation with a home dedication. The homebuyers, Abi and Debista, along with their toddler, finished their sweat equity hours and were excited to move into their new home, which was sold to them at with an affordable monthly mortgage.

To meet Abnet and Debista, click here for an introduction. (See Abnet here on her first day of work at her future home!) Volunteers are needed for the renovation; please contact for more information.